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Sanjana Routine

Sanjana Routine

Sanjana Routine

Release Date: June, 2006
Focus and Intent:

The focus of this routine is on Dynamic Ease. The intent is to personally connect to the sensations of dynamic and ease, and to know how to self-activate and monitor these two sensations to bring into your workout energetic balance and harmony.

Sanjana is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on Dynamic Ease. Dynamic is described as the action of infusing what you do with energy. The energy can come from the activation of one of the five sensations, from the movement forms, or from infusing the physical action of in with the sensation of either dynamic or ease, and the physical action of out with the sensation of either dynamic or ease. Ease is described as the sensation of relaxation. When action, the energy expenditure phase of a movement, is balanced with relaxation, the rest and recovery phase of a movement, the body becomes organically physically strong and flexible and energetically harmonious and balanced. It is imperative that the body be given active and restful cycles, periods of time where the body can move energy, similar to breathing, with energy coming in and then going out, or energy going out and then in. In either case, the opposite action or dynamic is what creates the balance. If the dynamic quality is sustained for extended periods of time, as in more repetition of the same energy experience, certain conditioning effects and benefits will occur, such as an increase in the awareness of that dynamic sensation and an increase in the awareness of how that sensation adds to muscle tone and muscle definition. If the ease quality is sustained for extended periods of time, as in an increase in maintaining the move with ease, certain other benefits will occur that add to awareness and an understanding about how ease plays an important role in maintaining cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, mobility, agility, stability, balance, and coordination. By combining dynamic actions with ease, the heart, lungs, nervous system, breath, and body relationships become more efficient in natural and organic ways that increase the sustainability of fitness and well being. Play with Jazz and Modern Dance, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi.

Sanjana NiaSounds “Birthed from the medicine of movement and stillness, Sanjana brings a healing wave and resonance of dynamic ease to your body. Centered in Nia’s philosophy – the movement of energy is medicine – this music invites you to seek a balance of expressive vitality and sensual release.” Features the music of Badmarsh & Shri, Thievery Corporation, Universal Funk, Solovox, Future Prophesies, and Cybertribe.

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