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DreamWalker Routine

DreamWalker Routine

DreamWalker Routine

Choreographer: Carlos AyaRosas
Release Date: June, 2006
Focus and Intent:

The focus of this routine is "Through movement we find health." The intent is to share the basic Nia promise with our students.

Dream Walker invites us to use each movement to make the body feel better, to seek the health within each motion, and to free ourselves of injury or illness. Notice how each of the realms – spirit, physical, mental, emotional – finds healing each time you dance this routine. All healing can be initiated through the body and then be supported by images, feelings, and personal spirit energy. Remember, walking away from class with less mental stress than when class began is a form of healing. Always keep in mind the power of Joy, relaxation, and personal expression as healing energies. As you know from practicing the “Awareness” principle, healing expresses itself in more ways than simply reducing pain. Learn to discover healing in increased mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, agility, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual fulfillment There is spontaneous healing that happens just by the mere fact that we move. Nia naturally creates the space for this kind of healing. However, Dream Walker invites us to devote focused and intentional awareness – pay attention – to find healing within each motion, to find the healing potential in the way we move and tweak our movements.

Dreamwalker NiaSounds “Birthed from the magic of eternal silence, Dreamwalker weaves together silence and sound to transport your spirit to higher dimensions of movement, imagination, and emotion. Centered in Nia’s philosophy of seeking Joy and Pleasure, this music invites you to be intimate with your passionate desire to express your individuality in the way you move to music or listen to it.” Features the music of Jaia, Ganga, Cantoma, Ges-E & Usman, Makyo, Thievery Corporation, and Auditory Sculpture. 

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