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Clarity Routine

Clarity Routine

Clarity Routine

Choreographer: Carlos AyaRosas
Release Date: November, 2006
Focus and Intent:

The focus of this routine is “Form and Freedom.” To develop movement skill and to repeat the steps with accuracy (Form), and to invite your spirit to play and create within the form (Freedom).

Clarity is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on Form and Freedom. These two dynamics represent the Yin-Yang of Nia movement and create a perfect blend of organic skill. Form gives you the opportunity to develop movement skill and to repeat each step with accuracy. As a contrast, Freedom invites your spirit to play and create within the form and without loosing the structure.

There are 28 steps that make the Form of this routine. Within these 28 steps you will find endless choices for personal movement expression. Ideally, you will perform each step with accuracy before infusing it with your spirit energy. Once you fulfill the Form, ask yourself, “What would I like to do with the Form?” Consider the following three options: healing, creativity, or conditioning. With each of these choices you will manifest a very unique energy. Healing energy will require that you honor your limitations; creative energy requires that you express something new within the form; and conditioning energy requires that you reach for your potential in a safe manner. Before you add complexity, learn how to efficiently integrate your intent to the Form.

Regardless of whether you prefer Form or Freedom, it is important to honor the integrity of both dynamics while dancing Clarity. By honoring both, you will receive the benefits and gifts of the synergy of these two very powerful movement dynamics.

Clarity NiaSounds “A journey through time and space continuum of multi-cultural expression, Clartiy embodies the qualities of rooted joy, invigorating rhythms, and archetypal voices.” Features the music of Makyo, Bassnectar, Shakatura, Beatfanatic, Sofa Surfers.

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