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Opal Routine

Opal Routine

Opal Routine

Release Date: November, 2010
Focus and Intent:

The focus of this routine is “Yin and Yang.” The Intent is to personally connect to these two sensations that balance and complement each other.

Opal is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on Yin and Yang. Yin, the energetic compliment to Yang, is the sensation of horizontal energy flow that connects to the front and to the back of the body. Yang, the energetic compliment to Yin, is the sensation of a vertical energy flow that connects to the top and to the bottom of the body.

Opal NiaSounds “A sonic landscape brought to light through emotion and power, Opal restores as well as inspires. The brilliant richness that sparkles at the essence of this collection creates a rainbow of color through its grace.” Features the music of Illumine, Karminsky Experience, Ganga Giri, Adham Shaikh, James Asher & Sivamani, Purekane, and Anuvida & Nik Tyndall. 

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