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Earthsong Routine

Earthsong Routine

Earthsong Routine

Choreographer: Carlos AyaRosas
Release Date: June, 2007
Focus and Intent:

The focus of this routine is The One Point. The intent is to direct all your movements from your body’s center of gravity, the One Point.

Earthsong is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on the “One Point.” Of all the movement forms that have inspired the practice of Nia, Aikido has taught us the most about how to sense the One Point in all our movements.

Viewed as the seat of energy, the Hara or One Point is located approximately two inches below the navel, in the center of the pelvis. This One Point corresponds to the physical gravity center of balance in the body. Within this energy point the body houses concentrated inner energy. With the help of the mind, you can consciously harness this energy by focusing on the One Point as you move.

Besides giving you a place to focus the mind, the One Point connects your body to the energy fields that surround it. In Japan, this energy is called Ki; in China, Chi; and in India, Prana. Access this life force energy by directing your movements from the One Point and you will feel invigorated, balanced, and grounded.

Earthsong NiaSounds “A landscape of soothing rhythms, Earthsong offers a relationship with the beat and pulse of the Earth. Bathe yourself in the Earth’s ethers that embrace us all, and breathe in her fragrance. Step into the dawn of night and into primordial intoxication, where you celebrate the cycles of the Earth.” Features the music of Kenya Masala, Thunderball, Jeff Stott, Shakatura, Puff Dragon, Thievery Corporation, Ursula 1000, Rasiya, and Purekane.

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