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Aya Routine

Aya Routine

Aya Routine

Choreographer: Carlos AyaRosas
Release Date: August, 2009
Focus and Intent:

The Focus of this routine is Stability. The Intent is to find peace and relaxation while dancing to the music.

Aya is a Classic Nia routine. Every aspect of the choreography is designed to stimulate the sensation of Stability.

Stability grows from the ground up and is sensed as calmness in the entire body. As you dance, sense your muscles and joints moving in harmony. Make sure both of your feet move with ease, creating the Stability needed for the rest of the body to dance with grace and peace. Pay attention to your breathing; always seek relaxed breathing, even when exerting your body.

Aya NiaSounds: Aya is akin to a circle, round in simplicity. The theme is an uplifting connection through tone. Swinging on the beat of eternity, these dance variations engage and inspire the listener to move. Aya enacts freedom, romance and the excitement of life! The open atmosphere and vibration clears the mind and creates confidence, stability and a feeling of peace. 

*$89 - This routine is in the Nia Vault and may only be produced as a hard copy (DVD + CD)*

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