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Amethyst Routine

Amethyst Routine

Amethyst Routine

Release Date: December, 2007
Focus and Intent:

The focus is on Mobility and Stability. The intent is to personally connect to these two sensations that balance and complement each other.

Amethyst is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on Mobility and Stability. Mobility is described as a non-stop movement. Stability is described as stillness. One of the body’s five basic principles says that, “The Body’s Way Demands Simultaneous Mobility and Stability.”

Amethyst NiaSounds “A resonant, healing sound environment where mobility and stability merge their dance. Amethyst touches and inspires your body’s 75 trillion cells to achieve a state of ecstatic harmony.” Features the music of Kaya Project, Bluetech, Gaudi, Phontaine, Sympath, and Shen.

*$89 - This routine is in the Nia Vault and may only be produced as a hard copy (DVD + CD)*

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