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Alive Routine

Alive Routine

Alive Routine

Choreographer: Carlos AyaRosas
Release Date: March, 2012
Focus and Intent:

The Focus of this routine is improvisation, creating the Ultimate Nia experience in the Now.
The Intent is to use your skills in the 52 Moves to improvise and connect to the sensation of aliveness.

Alive is a Classic Nia routine for the more advanced teacher. This routine provides a map to your own inspiration by focusing on improvisation. Drawing upon your understanding of the 52 Moves, Your Body’s Way, dancing to the music and your unique teaching skills, Carlos provides simple patterns that inspire you to build your own choreography from the ground up. Cultivate the sensation of aliveness by connecting to the music, the instruments, your body and your students to create your own Ultimate Nia Experience in the Now. Live, dance and celebrate Your Body’s Way with Alive!

*$89 - This routine is in the Nia Vault and may only be produced as a hard copy (DVD + CD)*

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