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Personal Assessment - July 23, 2011

Personal Assessment - July 23, 2011

Personal Assessment - July 23, 2011


By: Jamie Klausing



June assessment:

I completed the Green Belt in June.

1. READ – crawling!
OBJECTIVE: I have read yet not completed the reading assignment for June of Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff.
SUBJECTIVE: I experienced an amazing level of experiential anatomy sensations & practice during my attendance at the Green Belt with Caroline Kohles and Winalee Zeeb.

2. LISTEN – crawling!
OBJECTIVE: I attended the Business Call with Patrick, The Track 3 Call with Jeff and  have not listened to Debbie's June lecture.

3. BLOG – crawling!
OBJECTIVE: I completed my May & June Blogs.

4. MOVE – 52 Moves DVD – crawling!
OBJECTIVE: I taught the 52 moves class each week in June. 
SUBJECTIVE: I do not feel ready yet to video tape this class.  I am practicing dancing to the MUSIC with the voice prompt and teaching what I sense while sustaining my class focus.  I feel I am just beginning to connect to the music, sustain  Universal Joy  more fluidly and move the moves a little better!!!

6. ROUTINE CREATION – standing!
OBJECTIVE: I have taught my Routine adaptation in 8 classes in June.  I have finished all the music notations on the Music Bar Sheets and completed the choreography notations on the Choreography Bar Sheets.
SUBJECTIVE: I am beginning to feel this routine come to life....currently energizing my moves!