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Personal Assessment - July 1, 2011

Personal Assessment - July 1, 2011

Personal Assessment - July 1, 2011





June notes....

Writing Assignment – Standing!

Attendance on Debbie's lecture - ✓ LOVED hearing the gem that Debbie is a sister sitter. ;)

Attendance Pod call - ✓ Attended regular call and both extra Pod calls scheduled this month (and am so grateful to have had these touchstones with my colleagues and friends), and assisted in facilitating call about Producer experience.

Technology Teleconference - ✓ Attended, and am activated with gratitude as an Affiliate!

Book & gleanings -   Embryonic on the reading front, looking forward to my post-July cushion time and filling it with reading the books I’m behind on.

52 Moves & Adapt a Routine – FILMED IT, FILMED IT, FILMED IT!!!!!!!  I anticipate fireworks going off this weekend in celebration of this milestone! ;)  So excited to polish up my routine booklet, package it all up, and send it off with smooches!

Practicum Preparation –  Natural Time is afoot!   Focused elsewhere through June and July, then will dive in on this front.

Business Track –  Moving right along, about one month behind schedule on this track… and making progress on this shifted timeline.

  • Just submitted my first ever Power Point Presentation, swirling in the excitement of having navigated this new-to-me skill and birthed a beaut! ;)
  • Completed business phone call with Jeff on Wednesday 6/29, and received feedback that my numbers felt "realistic" and suggestions on enhancing my use of Facebook as a marketing tool.
  • Read Karri's feedback on my business plan draft, and am inspired and opened and eager to dig deeper with her insightful comments.


Welcoming July and breathing as I look at my to-do list....... Choosing Joy....... and honoring my Natural Time....... ready to cruise right on through full steam ahead!