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Personal Assessment - June 27, 2011

Personal Assessment - June 27, 2011

Personal Assessment - June 27, 2011


By: Gail Condrick



June Assessment
Writing Assignment – Walking. I sent in my June Blog submission by the deadline. This is a passage from my Blog, Body by Nia, which reflects my discoveries:
First paragraph…
I am a living laboratory of the power of Nia to shape and condition the body. For the past 12 years Nia has been and is my only form of exercise. I consider my body, mind emotions and spirit, shaped and forever changed through Nia. I represent a Body by Nia.

Last paragraph
I have always believed that I am at my best, in my yin, my softness. And yet, without Nia I would not have found an outlet for the warrior underneath, the steel under the silk, that came through only in the business of my life. The emergence of my yang energy and the definition of my warrior spirit are now seen in my body as well as my mind. Without Nia I would not have experienced the flow of power in my body, the joy of movement, and the pleasure of connecting with others who desire the same sensation. It is the yang energy that pushed me into discovering my physical as well as mental power, that balances my yin and appears in my muscle conditioning, my shape, my soul, and my strength in my Body by Nia

Attendance on Debbie's lecture - ✓ Yes, on audio replay. Insight/ah-ha moment .Debbie says she is a “sitter” from a family of “sitters”me too! I experienced a true bond around this concept. Also, seeing Nia as a global MOVEMENT as well as a movement form excites and inspires me.
Attendance Pod call - ✓ Yes. Scheduled for June 27. As well as two other pod calls on business and practicum.
Business Teleconference Call and Tech Calls- ✓ Attended. One through replay.
Book. Completed book. Insight: “If you were to remove all the muscles connected to the spine, it would still not collapse. Spinal movement produces energy that returns the spine to neutral, Concept of intrinsic equilibrium to liberate energy from the body.
52 Moves – Crawling – On hold. I continue to self assess my practice of the 52 moves as Crawling, same as last month, and recognize that more work continues to be needed here. Videotaping will take place with Debbie’s concurrence in my natural healing time.
Adapt a routine - Crawling – I am 90% complete on the bars for all songs and beginning the process of the routine adaptation booklet. I would like assistance in checking the bars on some songs that are all instrumental for the differences of chorus, vocal, other, featured artist to see if others hear what I hear. No movement progress. Videotaping will take place with Debbie’s concurrence in my natural healing time.
Practicum Preparation – Embryonic -I am Embryonic with my white board practice and have set a goal of mid-August for videotaping, which is one month earlier than required for my October practicum.
Business –Standing I participated in the business call this month with Jeff and am making progress on my final business plan. I have had my second one on one business call and have offered to share insights on this with pod at a future date.

Other. I am not yet back to full teaching. I have started this week to teach cycles 1-3 and 5-7, with sub teaching cycle 4. Major discovery of my head/spine connection, the weight of the head, and moving head/spine as a unit and the amount of strength this takes. .
All materials other than movement videotaping are on track for July 31 completion. .

I am Standing on listening to the Voice of My Body’s Way and self-healing through this attention.