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Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Adapt a Nia RoutineBLOOMERRIFICS

By Mentor: Casey Bernstein
For Trainee: Gail Condrick



Thank you Gail!

Gail is living "self Healing" at this time.. and applying not needed to remove oneself from life to heal.. Blessings to you!

Gail wrote a beatiful blog about your adapt a routine of Opal and her relationship to the music and Nia.

Thank you Gail..

Happy Healing.. XOO  Casey

May Assessment

Writing Assignment – I sent in my May Blog submission on music by the deadline. This is a passage from my Blog Transforming Opal which reflects my discoveries on music..

“ Opal has strong rhythms, a constant yang drum sound in almost all of the musical selections. Daniel Levitin says that rhythm stirs our bodies and tonality and melody stirs our brains. In my search for tonality and melody to substitute the existing forms and energy I found a new appreciation for the intricacy of the artistry of Opal. I listened with new ears and watched with new eyes to adapt the work to new music. This process enabled me to appreciate even more the effectiveness of the perfect movement for the music and how that supported the conditioning of the body in motion.
The most challenging part of the adaptation was finding musical substitutes for the 14 minute Get Moving last songs, Opal and Amma, in the 6.9 and 6.3 range. Amma in particular begins slowly and powerfully and then becomes a carousel ride of musicality and movement that moves to a faster tempo that the previous song, Opal. I have struggled for months in finding the perfect substitutes and found that to bridge the 14 minutes and maintain the same excitement and conditioning and repetition opportunities I needed three songs”

Attendance on Debbie's lecture - ✓ No call this month.

Attendance Pod call - ✓ Scheduled for June 6

Business Teleconference - ✓ Attended

Book & gleanings – Same book.
52 Moves – Crawling – I continue to self assess my practice of the 52 moves as Crawling, same as last month, and recognize that more work continues to be needed here.

Adapt a routine - Crawling – I have solved the 14 minute issue by finding the PERFECT is even called, Transformation! I am 80% complete on the bars for all songs and beginning the process of the routine adaptation booklet. No movement progress.

Practicum Preparation – Embryonic -I am Embryonic with my white board practice.

Business – I have requested a phone meeting with Jeff that has not been scheduled as of yet. I participated in the business call this month with Jeff.

Other. I am self-healing from a car accident on May 18 where I was rear ended while stopped at a light. . I have whiplash and isolated discomfort and tiredness. I have begun embryonic of the 5 Stages and am not currently teaching. I am under chiro care and am doing small movements each day with expectation of returning to teaching in July if not sooner. My physical body and emotional body are adjusting to slowing down and it is frustrating for me to be stopped and in surrender.. At the same time, the insights of what it means to heal, receive, and respect natural time rather than pushing though are authentic personal experiences that apparently were needed at this point in my life. I am by no means feeling like a victim and I am using my time differently to do more mental realm NGT work to stay on track with deadlines for July 31.