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Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Adapt a Nia RoutineBLOOMERRIFICS

By Mentor: Casey Bernstein
For Trainee: Tracy Stamper



Honey Child!  You sure do know how to write.. if your adapt a routine is any thing you write in your blog.. Wow - Wow - Wow!!

Thank you for your sharing on the pod call about healing your community.. it was wonderful, heart felt and inspirational!

Love,  Casey

Tracy's assessment:

A quickie update to share where I am with assignments.......

Writing Assignment - Standing

Attendance Pod Call - almost there ;)

52 Moves - Crawling

Adapt a routine - Crawling

Practicum Preparation - Embryonic, and nestling into Natural Time as I focus on written assignments and Move assignments and retaking White Belt between now and the end of July. After that time, I will shift my attention to preparation.

Business - Embryonic. Feeling overwhelmed with this track at the moment. To begin to shift that, I will reach out to my Podmates.

Routines filming - scheduled for a month from yesterday!!!

Routines filming attire - Walking in shopping for new clothes! ;)

I very much look forward to hearing your voices and diving into juicy topics! I would love to dive into the meat of the matter and chat projects and assignments. My sense is that this exercise of writing and sharing our personal assessments covers communicating where we all are in our processes, and I'm looking forward to diving deep! ;)

Love and gratitude to all! Tracy