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Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011


By Mentor: Casey Bernstein
For Trainee: Jamie Klausing



Nice work Jamie!!

Casey Xo


MONTH ~ May 2011

READ – crawling!
OBJECTIVE: I have started to read this months Anatomy Book.
SUBJECTIVE: I have not scheduled in enough time to spend with the Anatomy Books. I am continuing to read them, although this is an area I want to expand and learn at a much deeper level.

LISTEN – standing!
OBJECTIVE: Calls were both cancelled (Debbie Lecture & Patrick's May call)
SUBJECTIVE: I have not heard of a reschedule date yet. Has anyone else?

BLOG – crawling!   ( I did not see the blog published on the website.. did I miss something?? )
OBJECTIVE: I have published my May Blog on Music.

WATCH – Wipe Board session - embryonic!
OBJECTIVE: I have watched the day one DVD. I printed out all the online Sessions and created a binder/notebook. I have also read thru Day 1 & Day 2 thus far and wrote a few notes about some of my personal experiences.
SUBJECTIVE: I feel some creative tension in this area. I appreciate Jill's notes about her wipe board venture, it has inspired me to "get movin"!
MOVE – 52 Moves DVD – crawling!
OBJECTIVE: I taught the 52 moves class 4 times in May.
SUBJECTIVE: I do not feel ready yet to have my delivery of the 52 moves filmed. I still feel challenged with sharing the form of the 52 moves & energizing the moves with seamless continuity while sustaining the Nia “promise”. I would like to schedule some special classes to practice this delivery.

OBJECTIVE: I have taught my Routine adaptation in 6 classes in May. I have filled out 70% of the routine booklet. I have barred all the songs. I have not finished all the music notations on the Music Bar Sheets and I have not completed the choreography notations on the Choreography Bar Sheets.
SUBJECTIVE: I love this process as it is taking me much deeper into overlaying routines. I feel my routine needs to be fine tuned and more fully embodied as I chose the focus of the routine as the WB principle I felt the most weakness. Plugging along.

OBJECTIVE: I completed and turning in my draft Business Plan. I have not scheduled my 2nd Business call with Jeff at this time. I have read the feedback from Karri Winn from my first draft.
SUBJECTIVE: I have quite a bit of tweaking to do on the draft and track 3.