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Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011

Mentor Assessment - June 10, 2011


By Mentor: Casey Bernstein
For Trainee: Jill Pagano



Jill was the pod leader this week.

She did a great job setting the tone.. for the positive.. asking us share something we don't know about each other/ the ah huh!  event for us and it ended up being a very intimate and inspiring sharing..

Jill is very dedicated, fully embraces Nia and the spirit of collaboration!

Thank you Jill!, Casey 

Below is her assessment for the month:

Overall in the program, I feel as if I am crawling. I feel strong in the areas that I have been giving attention to. I am witnessing that I feel most comfortable focusing on one project at a time. I have missed deadlines from the syllabus and yet, feel as if I am fully involved in the program and moving along with steady progress.

Reading: Creeping. I am reading the yoga anatomy book. I finished the May reading.

Blog (May):embryonic. I have not completed my blog for May re: my adapt a routine

White Board: walking. done. I will be submitting to HQ and to Martha R (for my practicum).

52 moves: crawling...almost walking.I am focusing on this area of the program by teaching several 52 moves classes in a row and adding some of these classes to my schedule for the next month. I plan to have the video tape completed by mid july.

Adapt a Routine: crawling. I will be focusing on completing this project right after 52 moves videotaping. I have barred and adapted the first 5 songs and taught the class. I have established the focus onthe feet with the intent being on connecting our feet and moving the energy up our body.

Business Plan: Crawling. I have submitted my rough draft business plan. I am continuing to explore what my unique gifts are, what I feel passionate about, the products/services I want to deliver and areas of the country that I want to seed.

My intensive is scheduled for August 13th with Martha in Victoria. After witnessing Rolf and Rachael participate in their practicum I feel that I will be ready to participate fully and support Martha.


Many aha moments in this area! After retaking my white belt and experiencing the 52 moves class several days in a row, I feel like "I get it". Today, after teaching the class format for 3 classes in a row, my teaching, the movement and the class felt much more embodied. Less thinking, more sensing. After class my body felt more like a "classic Nia class". Focusing on the core I was able to sense my core through the 52 moves by using sound, breath, head and eye movements, movements and sensations in the pelvis, chest, ribcage, head and spine. I was able to incoporate the various 5 sensations into the core as well as vary speed for unique experience. I was able to use sacred geometry and move the group around. I was able to bring the group to the floor for floorplay while retaining the focus on the core. I felt overall the class was a great conditioning workout with out being too repetitive and without being too high energy. I gave myself and thus the class time to sense.


I am looking to increase my relaxation, my vocal delivery, and decrease the amount of time i spend talking. I would also like to have more soundbytes for each of the 52 moves that help people grasp the move more easily.