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Mentor Assessment - May 8, 2011

Mentor Assessment - May 8, 2011

Mentor Assessment - May 8, 2011

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By Mentor: Ann Christiansen
For Trainee: Rosanne Russell



Dear Rosanne

Reading your Blog  , I am Nia... Hear me RAW! on February 23

subject to blog , due feb.20th

 Blog :As a cellular organism who receives and transmits information via a signaling system called The Nervous
System, describe how your process of integrating the four realms of your body has prepared you to teach theWhite Belt Intensive.


This blog takes me first through a long discussion about RAW, used to quiet the Realms , to sense balance and the craved sensation of Peace.

That lack of RAW makes you feel uneven, scattered , distracted and unconnected.

You list several parts of the WB as help to condition  RAW practise.

It may be that on some old wb plates the exercise Creating the Space was listed as RAW, however it is not RAW. It is a practsie of Stillness , to remove distractions. Not to confuse with RAW.Further Being Seduced by the Music is also Not RAW, it is BSBTM pay 100 % attention to the instruments. In P#5 awareness also no RAW, it is Pay Attention to Body Sensations.

RAW is only for Music appreciation , it may be you have had other informations about this. Yes in  TWYS first corner is Listen (to the music) BSBTM

it may begin as RAW - in the wb the only time RAW is transmitted is for Music  appreciation ; Music 8BC system, listen to Silence then Sound.


 you discuss how RAW gives you neutral emotions , that is correct - however Spirit is in state of wonderment , waiting. Before that you discuss how RAW gives you the sensation of Peace. Yes in RAW the mind is Alert- yet I dont see you mention the key phrase of No Inner Dialog.

It sounds like you have a good practise of RAW , now can you back up and review all the stillness practises given in the whitebelt and have a different sensation for them;

Creating the Space - Stillness in BMES in order to remove distractions

RAW- relaxed, alert , waiting

LIving Meditation - (touch)

Being Seduced By The Music (first in stillness  then while moving) 100 % attention to the instruments

Bluebelt AIC waiting is waiting for an insight from a request-a request to enhance a movement while dialoging with the Realms, the receiver muscle- pure receiving- with no inner dialog - again different then RAW.

I had several discussions with carlos over the years about this, I used to mix it up and make it up for myself- everything that is still is RAW-then I learned it is not

all different sensations. Conditioning myself with RAW to then be seduced by the music and to have a greater muscle to receive with purity aso-

Love Ann