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Mentor Assessment - May 8, 2011

Mentor Assessment - May 8, 2011

Mentor Assessment - May 8, 2011

AnatomyFlock of Rock Stars

By Mentor: Ann Christiansen
For Trainee: Tracy Revell



Dear Tracy

reading your Blog from February 20 on Anatomy, "My realms, my nervous system and my tipping point"


The organisatuion of this Blog is a little confusing to me- 

I salute your great confidence in Yourself and repeated insights that says "I am still learning, I dont know that I comprehend ALL of the ways"- that your process of intergrating the four realms has been and continues to evolve.

I question how you put all the we statements together with not knowing. Knowing that it works for "we" and for sharing Nia on an even higher level demands that the knowledge is intergrated. 

I like when you say that you are listening to your reamls- how is the dialog? I like your truthtelling about the love for yourself and for the work.

 You mention four agreements, we work with four energy allies- not four agreements- view them and sense them as energy.


Excellent work Tracy, the length of this blog is also more digestable Thank You

Love Ann