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Awake Routine

Awake Routine

Awake Routine

Choreographers: Philippe Beaufour, and Sabine Zweig
Release Date: December, 2012
Focus and Intent:

The focus of Awake is Spine – Spiral – Space. The intent is to connect your physical movement in space to the spiraling flow of energy up and down the spine.


Created by Nia Trainers Philippe Beaufour and Sabine Zweig, Awake is inspired by the image of a dolphin moving in water and the spiral of the DNA double helix. Set to the soundscape of Indian and world music, Awake is an invitation to sense, explore, and manifest the natural flow of energy moving through the body by connecting to the spine, spiraling energy, and space. The line of a spiral expands the sensation of energy flow. Exploring space cultivates a sense of community and playful interaction as you dance together as a group.

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