Shall We Dance Guided Meditation by Debbie Rosas



By Debbie Rosas

A gift from my heart and soul. Please share this meditation with your family, friends, and community. Read and receive.

Get comfortable. Relax your lower jaw. Turn your palms up and breathe deeply. Rest into and receive.

Something caught our spirits. Can you feel it? It is our wake up call to dance a new dance, together—again.

Then, now, past and present the dance we dance is ancient. It has always been, waiting for us to meet each other, again. The universal soul and spirit is calling us to meet and dance.

Remember now the memories of before, the now and dreams of the next await. Never a last time, all is infinite and eternal.

The hand of this next dance reaches out asking, “May I have this dance?” Now, again, again, come, come, let’s dance.”

Will it be okay? Yes. Shall we do this dance again?

Shall we attempt this dance again?

Shall we cohabitate, binded by love and in light. Shall we stand side-by-side, one with another, as one?

All equal, uniquely different, shall we dance this dance of lifetimes, another dance, another life?

Living. Breathing. Feeling. Loving. Emerging now is a new spirit of humanity. Shall we dance into the dark and into the light, out of what was, into what can be? Do we dare? Can we imagine? We must.

Me…you…us…a divine purpose…life… love…happiness no hate, no war. Do we dare? Can we imagine? Can you feel the stir of the dance under your feet and in your heart?

We are being asked to gather about and dream a new dream. We are being asked to gather about and ride upon the currents of divine love and purpose. We are being asked to gather about and commit working together, for one purpose: a better humanity.

We are being asked to take our place beautiful man, beautiful woman, and step within the vision of a future, held in the arms of sacred consciousness.

Let us soar high above doubt and fear. There is no more time. Let your massive wings, graceful, powerful, fly upon the currents of timeless wisdom. Sense the shimmer of this power and use it to cast a shadow over violence, dissonance, prejudice, and hate. Let us emerge free from judgment, free from past memory that consumes the new.

Breathe deeply and fill humanity with the spirit of pure gold, pure heart.

The call has come. You, me, we are invited to step in, step up, to listen, to feel to heal.

Open your hands and hearts. Out of our hands and hearts flows the sacred tools needed to bring humanity into alignment.

The feminine spirit, her touch, dances endlessly, tirelessly, using her masculine partner to create a new kind of center that connects us all to the great chain of being.

Breathe. Open to the bounteous gifts of the feminine and masculine, dancing humanity into the light.

Move into the vast ocean of together, of we, and dance with. Blend with. Accompany the all of today.

Walk side-by-side. Respect, honor, love and hold as important what you feel. In love for self and all others metabolize your feelings with breath and tears.

In you, in all people live the mother, child, friend, lover, husband, wife, God-Goddess force, healer, and magician.

Allow your perceptions of me, you, he, she, this, they, feminine, masculine, to explore and expand into the “WE” of pure potential.

In this moment, stand naked in truth, preserve the now, as the now will become the step into our future. Do this for you you, for me, for all that is.

In dark, in light, be drenched by the sun. See and feel the good that surrounds us. Feel the divine and dance the dance of infinite change, into better.

I am here dear ones, your sacred healer. Anointing humankind with change, needed change, I have been waiting to dance with you. Living within your body and inside all living things my knowledge, ancient, wise, is eternally yours to use to create a better humanity, a better body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul.

My hands are yours to heal and do good. My touch shares the electricity of love, and it is yours to use consciously. My wisdom of right alignment is elegant and intertwined with the magnetism of matter, blending logic and mystery, miracle, one with two, two with three, three with all that is and will ever be.

Infused with life force dance of Heaven and Earth the transformation has begun. The dance of heart and mind has begun.

Today, look from behind the eyes of the sacred. See the beauty and peace waiting to be unearthed, compassionately nurtured, shared.

Fill your thoughts for humanity with divine inspiration and dance, turning life into a prayer.

Pray and awakening a new feminine and masculine spirit. See and create a new vision, guided by purpose and meaning and use today to heal self- and humankind.

Listen and feel the NEW sitting next to you, in you, around you. The love is dancing with you. The love has one intent: to heal the body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul of humanity.

Breathe deeply and know SHE has returned. The feminine spirit is again spinning into her sacramental touch of intimacy. Healing man, woman, child, mother, father, and lover.

Bodhi-Mandala—enter her temple. She is waiting. Waiting for us to remember the fertile soil of love that initiates a soul's journey back. We are journeying both forward and back.

Today, erupt into the wakefulness of shared life and living. No boundaries, no walls, no separation. Awaken through higher consciousness and with each breath transmit light and love. Through compassion, care. Be gentle. Be powerful. Be grace. Be present to your gifts and receive the light. Share your dance and heal unkind beliefs. Dance the vision of a unified people, a loving man, and loving woman, a loving world.

Dream weaver, we are the magician and the witness to the change in motion, the dance being danced.

Let us ignite the healing flame and renew the sacred fire and eternal life of the universal soul we are a part of. Let us receive the message and awaken. Again. Again. The serpents dance has begun. There is no going back. No time out.

Breathe and feel the dance moving within your heart. Breathe and let NEW images, thoughts, and feelings of life, a life connected with all that is dance across the terrain of a future memory we are creating, together.

Be not afraid to enter deep into the sanctuary of oneness, for we have consciously been summoned NOW. Come. Come. Come again, no matter how many times you’ve come.

Soul of crystal light, being of flint and tinder, you, me, we, are called upon to activate and turn the cosmic key. We are being asked to dance a new dance. We are being called upon to help humanity.

The light is quickening. The sacred river between man, woman, child, God-Goddess All That Is, is rebirthing the spine of creation. We are that spine.

Breathe in and witness the love, the light, the magic, the dance of pure divine and sacred. We are a part of this dance.

We are born into this dance of light.

The heart of humanity had been ripped open. It is time. The eyes of creation are looking. Watching. Hoping. Praying.

Let us write the virtuoso of peace. Let us play the universal soul instrument, the sound all ears hear.

Rest in the center of now. Rest in the essence of sacred alignment. Open to the fullness of our change and unleash a beauty never before experienced.

Give voice to life better. Give form to a new dance. Say “I do,” “I will,” “I can,” “We can.”

Sing to the ancient and future ears the song of the highest chord and key—love. Vow to be present to higher levels of being. Know you are a vessel of the divine, and that your fire of love will help you, me, step into the heat of the wedding of commitment and awaken to what is needed in this moment!

Know the universal soul is honored to stand with us. We are not alone. You are not alone.

Today is a great day to live, to love, to begin again. To begin again. To awaken.