The Coronavirus - Global Health Threat

Dear Nia Community,

In answer to what Nia is doing in the face of a potential global health threat, like most people, we are researching, preparing and doing what we have been instructed to do. It is a challenge, as we live in challenging times. Our body and lives are facing a global threat and many people are scared and acting out in ways unbecoming to the true nature and spirit humanity. The recent virus threat is shaking us to our core, stopping us in our tracks from doing things the same way. This is good. I believe it is not only people but also the earth, banks, schools, governments in need of healing. Forced change is waking us up and if we can’t stop the change, the best thing we can do is prepare and work with it to create something better. The way I do this is by physically preparing and consciously working with God, Goddess, and All That Is through action and prayer. Do I feel vulnerable? Yes!

In Nia classes and in training we are telling people to:
1. Wash hands often
2. Avoid shaking hands and hugging
3. Avoid touching your face
4. If someone is sick send them home
5. If you work in a facility, ask what the protocol is for students who are sick coming to class
6. If you are traveling, buy insurance in case you have to cancel
7. Stay abreast of what is happening in your area

I said before I believe we stand at the apex of a cosmic and spiritual revolution, an opportunity to do better. A human evolution driving people and planetary change. We stand at the door of significant change in the history of humankind. It is a new beginning where a different worldview is emerging and we are being asked to prepare for something new. We need collective action driven by intent, focus, conscious thought, and yes—prayer.

I shared a few months ago how I see people re-evaluating values and relationships, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, community, the earth, world, universe, and leaders. As a result, I feel a new consciousness is emerging, a wave, a force touching us. This wave is asking us to love and keep in motion our faith and hope.

This morning I prayed. I do this every morning and evening. I stood and sensed, feeling the earth underneath my feet, and with my hands to my heart, I looked to the sky and sensed change is afoot. I felt my fear about the virus and the wave of transformation in my heart offering me the opportunity to see everything with new eyes. I sensed the nudge to see better.

My hope is you join me in participating in a “Universal Prayer Circle of Hope, Faith, Love, and Light” on March 5th to cast a net of global healing energy, light, and love. Together, let’s use our minds and voices and realign the body, heart, mind, and spirit of humanity. How can you participate?

Anytime on March 5th, stop. Align with your spiritual beliefs and set the intent for healing. Listen to the sky, trees, and your inner voice. Breathe deeply and feel hope, faith and the love of God-Goddess-All That Is in your feet, legs, heart, palms of your hands, and at the edge of your fingertips. Feel the energy of light and love filling your cells with healing. Imagine the love and light within you flowing out from all fifty trillion cells and sharing healing with all of humanity. Bring the one mind of soul consciousness into your hand and see yourself holding a key to global healing. Sense the grand stirring of healing and say, “I am here to generate planetary healing!”

With Pleasure,
Debbie Rosas + Stuart