A Way into the Inner World by Debbie Rosas


While archaeologists dig around for old remains, in Nia we are most interested in what lies in the inner world of our body's “now” moment. While there is no one way to travel into your inner world, there are tools, methods, and steps you can take to get in and stay in your body. Doing so is how you can find moment-to-moment discoveries you can use to stay both healthy and well.

Much like the ancient Egyptians who left us visual clues, inscriptions, books, and maps, the body also gives us visual clues and a map we can follow and use to explore our inner world. While the arrangement of what’s inside a body is generally the same, it is never the same, and what we each perceive out of the shared experience is never the same. Whatever your purpose for wanting to explore the inner world of your body is worth the journey.

One of the ways I explore is by dedicating a week of my life to Gil Hedley’s Anatomy Training. It’s my way to step into the shoes of Osiris, the Egyptian ruler of the underworld, who followed a set of rituals to bring him back to life. I always leave a training with Gil feeling that I am brought more and more back to life. For more information go to www.gilhedley.com.


He graciously provides his wisdom there. You will receive complete, free, online, no-obligation, video-only course versions of The Integral Anatomy Series, my Integral Anatomy Intensive course, AND the "What's the Fuzz?!" tour talk, all available in full only on this site.