Reflecting on My Debbie Rosas Europe Evolution Tour

For years Stuart has told me "you must go and meet Nia people around the world." I must say this is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in a long time. Each community unique and yet in many ways similar. All love Nia, me, dancing and they love their communities. I have seen something I always hoped would emerge from communities: support, love, and cooperation in helping grow student and teacher populations. The feedback about NiaTV, the added teacher tutorial support making it easier to learn Nia content, lower membership fees that include a NiaTV subscription has been excellent and deeply appreciated. Surprises have been many and the relationships created rewarding. No matter where I am, having the opportunity to look at people in the eyes and say, "thank you" brings me to tears each time I do it. I must say I was a bit fearful about being away from home for two months, mostly because I was concerned I might not be able to keep my energy up. Well, I have and I am. Nia is feeding me on all levels and the love received is exactly what "little Debbie" needed. 

I so enjoyed my week in between working with Stuart, spending time where our hearts are nourished, in Venice and Rimini Italy. Time away from work, walking the streets, nothing to do but be together, I'm always surprised when I turn to look at him, and after twenty-eight years I say, "I love being with you, I love you!" It's a good thing reconnecting and remembering why I am with him. I feel deeply grateful for his endless love in supporting my Nia dream, and in his bigger vision that has made Nia a worldwide gift.

I have enjoyed teaching classes and as many people report, "a taste of Nia from the source is wonderful!" Whether it is Nia Dance Pull and sharing my knowledge of the Chakras; Nia Dance YES and speaking about the world of manifesting desire; Nia FLOORplay, introducing people to the gift of gravity and Nia's unique method of playing with movement for health and wellbeing; Nia Moving to Heal and getting back to the root and heart of what Nia has always meant to people; Nia First Degree, exploring the world of Sacred Geometry, shape and number; Nia Black Belt, mastering the basics, or leading my favorite–Evolution, I know I am touching the world and people in good ways, and this keeps my Debbie spirit and soul happy and proud. 

Sharing EVOLUTION, we get to spend time looking into the past and present of Nia, creating a new somatic identity and future for me, Nia, teachers, and students. This intimate and personal experience continues to leave me feeling hopeful about people, humanity and more. I am so dedicated to continuing the Nia journey, making people healthy and well. A big part of the Evolution message revolves around what I believe to be important for everyone to hear: Nia and Nia's teachers are somatic body and life health and wellness leaders, teachers and practitioners, not only fitness teachers! Positioning Nia in this way, as a somatic body and life health and wellness company, is critical to remain relevant and timely with our messaging in a world full of information. 

I return home on December 3rd and jump into preparations for our December 7th Trainer Summit and Next Generation Trainer (NGT) "Courting Your Destiny" event. At this event, we will spend seven days exploring everything Nia, from Nia education to Nia trainings. I have been working on this for a year and will present everything new: new Learn books, all new business and marketing collateral, new slide presentations, new membership materials; and so much more. 

I am off now to walk with Stuart in Vienna. Tomorrow a master class here, then on the train to Budapest and then to Israel and then home.

Thanks to everyone who has played a hand in making this Nia Evolution Tour so deeply meaningful and rewarding to me.


Debbie Rosas heart