Techniques to Keep Your Nia Classes Alive During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a hectic and crazy time for a lot of us. Due to stress and busy planning schedules, it’s not unusual for class numbers to drop during this time. It’s important to view the holiday season as an opportunity to refocus your class structure and offerings in ways that reinforce Nia as a great way to sustain balance in one's body, mind, emotions, and spirit––all of which is especially important to maintain during the stressful holiday season.

Here are some techniques you can adopt to maintain class interest and attendance and help you continue to share the joy of Nia all year round. 


  • Be community focused. Plan a food drive or gift collection for people in need and co-create small acts of kindness!  


  • Plan a get together as a way to show your appreciation to your students and the locations you teach. It could be as simple as getting together for coffee or throwing a party for your students and other Nia teachers.  


  • Create a special playlist for the holiday season.  


  • Create a MOVE it Level 1 52 Moves class to the music of the Nutcracker.  Download the Seconds Pro app to help you deliver the moves every 60 seconds. 


  • Be sensitive to different religions. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Keep themes generic to be inclusive. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are two other celebrations during this time of the year.


  • Offer a two for one deal so students can bring their friends and family who might be visiting. Also, offer a family-focused class.


  • Plan a more meditative class, using candlelight, incense, and other calming effects.


  • Create a group incentive just before the holiday craziness starts to set in, like a challenge to complete 30 classes in 30 days.


  • Offer a special, a gift for the month of December like 20% off the monthly rate or something similar. 

  • Teach a class on Thanksgiving morning and focus on gratitude. Many people like to get some activity in before settling down to the holiday feast.  Form a circle at the beginning of the class and ask everyone to mention one thing they are grateful for.


  • Teach a class on Christmas Eve morning with seasonal songs in the mix.  Ask your class to check in on what their favorite part of the season is.  

  • New Year is a great time to set intentions. Add more meaning to your classes by having your students write down their intentions and share them with the class. You can save them in a lovely box for the whole year and pull them out occasionally, reading them and consciously setting them free into the universe.  


  • Offer a class or two free to your students as a gift to show your gratitude for their support throughout the year.  


Give some of these a try and let us know how it goes!

Happy Holidays