Tune Up + Tone Down with the Nia 7-Day Music + Movement Wellness Program

Nia Technique is excited to announce our 7-Day Music + Movement Wellness Program dedicated to improving your body’s overall mobility and stability!

Using a wide variety of music and movement, our program will tune, tone and engage your brain, bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues; giving you movement nutrition that will help you thrive, move well and feel better at any age and stage of life.

The body demands simultaneous mobility and stability in order to maintain a healthy, fully functional body. When you have the proper balance of stability and mobility, you have the power to move three-dimensionally: vertically, horizontally, and in circles––which is critical for living in a three-dimensional world. 

This program provides movement and lifestyle tools that will increase joint flexibility, muscle strength, and overall conditioning. Use the Nia 7-Day Music + Movement Menu to start and end each day with a dose of movement medicine. Use the movement tips associated with each song to master the art of movement. Use the Mobility and Stability Test to learn about your body, and to discover how in a few minutes you can enhance your health and well being.    

Start and end your day with a dose of vigorous music and movement rooted in mobility and stability. Award your body with exactly what it needs to stay healthy, fit and well. 

7 days. 7 songs. 7 workouts. 7 steps to a healthier body and life. 

Sign-up today for our 7-Day Music + Movement Wellness Program on NiaTV.fit!

To sign-up email us at wellness@niatv.fit