Nia Nomads: Spreading Their Love For Nia On The Road

I am Angela Williams, a Nia Black Belt and Move IT, instructor. I have been teaching classes for the last 9 years in Bloomington, Indiana. During that time, my partner and I traveled often and connected with the worldwide Nia community. We recently decided we needed even more of that community connection. So, a few short months ago, we became Nia Nomads! We sold our house and most of our things, my partner left her successful career and we packed up our Kia Rio hatchback and hit the road. We are now traveling full-time and spreading love through this life-changing practice!

The Nia community is so amazing...we can step into a class and have an instant connection to a group of people through this shared movement! In the last few months, I’ve taught in Dallas, Columbus, Oh, Toronto...even Newfoundland!!!  We are looking forward to stepping into many other Nia communities and leading classes around the world. I am grateful that this practice has connected me to so many amazing people! (including myself ) 

The practice of Nia has taught us that through awareness we can live a life full of pleasure, and that is what we are doing!  Our life in Bloomington no longer fit, so it was time to tweak our lives and seek pleasure! And, wahoo, did we ever! We are on the road...and hope we meet you somewhere on the dance floor!

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