A More User-Friendly NiaTV Platform Is Here

NiaTV is new and improved just for you.

  • Upgraded communication
  • New programming
  • Personalized platform


A new and improved NiaTV platform launched August 23rd, providing subscribers with an enhanced user experience — tailored to fit their needs. The new platform improves usability and communication, making NiaTV more accessible and beneficial for our users. From wellness programs to full routines and quick workouts — with the new NiaTV platform every time we drop new content our users are automatically notified; keeping them informed on all the latest features available on NiaTV. Enjoy new programming, upgraded communication, and a personalized platform when you log in to NiaTV.fit

Since its launch in 2017, NiaTV has been giving users a way to experience the magic of Nia through at-home dance workouts, podcasts, meditations and exclusive live streams all at their fingertips; helping people move and feel better while achieving their full potential with Nia fitness. Now, redesigned for usability and quality, NiaTV is better, smarter, and more efficient.   

We invite everyone to re-experience the magic of NiaTV anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Log in to NiaTV.fit and start moving!