Nia 20-Year Celebration in Switzerland

For its 20-year Swiss anniversary, Nia Switzerland held a WOW 20 years of Nia Switzerland event. A weekend-long event filled with movement, community, and joy celebrated in Saint Gallen, Switzerland.

Back in 1999, Nia Black belt Teacher, Myrta Shorer, had the very brilliant intuition to follow up with the new and exciting fusion fitness technique Nia, and invite the founders to hold the first Whitebelt intensive in Zürich, Switzerland. Shorer was able to convince many to come and train over the years and her thriving spirit and love for Nia have given it a place in many people's hearts. Nia is now taught in many areas of  Switzerland and it has been growing steadily. The Swiss even have a slogan for Nia, "Nia is like Chocolate."

The 20-year celebration was organized by Studio Gymallegro. The owners, both blackbelt teachers, Alexandra Kunz, and Esther Thürlimann together with Myrts Shorer, Ann Christiansen and the community of Nia teachers put everything together and brought the 20-year festivities to life.

The Nia community in Switzerland continues to grow and is enjoyed by followers from all walks of life. The Nia philosophy of “Through Movement We Find Health,” has really resonated with this community and Nia’s joy-based practice fills a deep need for each teacher and student, expressed visibly in the dedication shown during the WOW 20 year celebration.

More Nia fun is coming to Switzerland in the coming months! There will be a Whitebelt training with Ann Christiansen in St. Gallen starting August 3rd.

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Enjoy these photos taken by Sören Petersen during the 20 years celebration in St Gallen.