Who Are You Dancing For?

Dance has been around for centuries, but it hasn’t always been used for good. In fact, until recently, it’s been more of a “spectator’s sport” than a true vehicle for health, pleasure, and joy.

Take ballet for example. As a movement technique, it approaches the physical form from an aesthetic perspective, rather than a body-conscious perspective. Dancers are forced to shove their feet into horribly uncomfortable slippers to be able to go “on point.” If you’ve ever looked at a ballerina’s smashed toes, you know the dancer is not the one benefiting from the craft.

What audience is worth destroying one’s own body for? None, of course. That’s why, in Nia, we do things differently. In fact, we don’t wear any shoes at all. Our movements are guided by The Body’s Way, which is a method of using the body according to its inherent design and function.

Instead of forcing ourselves to bend and twist in ways that strain or injure the body, we seek dynamic ease – the ability to perform a movement with maximum efficiency and minimal effort. We also pay attention to the signals we’re constantly receiving via sensations of pleasure and pain. In short, we favor moves that feel good and modify moves that don’t.

And the only person we aim to please is the self. I can’t imagine anything better.

To read more about Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, and to access free material on Nia’s current educational course of study, visit NiaNow.com/Education.

Getting Started:

●      Listen to the Voice of the Body, sensation, choosing pleasure as your guide.

●      Feed your movement by sensing the Five Sensations of Fitness: flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, and stability. Learn more at nianow.com/the-five-sensations.

●      Allow your movements to evolve by expressing what you feel inside.

●      Dance to please your body, not the audience.

●      Use your senses to bring your dance to life. Play with imagery and visualization techniques. Listen and hear vibration. Touch and awaken to sensuality. Smell and breathe in the moment. Taste happiness, the feeling of your body in motion!

OR THIS...Aren't we lucky that we have living within us two forms of self-observation – our body and our mind? Our bodies, through sensation and our minds, through thoughts and images, uniquely help us to go deeper into what we call "consciousness.” When we live life through the body and reflect using the mind, our understanding and identity of ourselves and the world around us emerge from their unity. Dancing Through Life accesses our bodies and our minds to bring us to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical Joy through movement, stillness, and perception. What better way to experience life than by Dancing Through Life, seeking pleasure and receiving a Joy beyond personal joy? Join us.

Welcome to Dancing Through Life!