Erotic Voices of The Feminine Spirit

Naked, open to feeling, come dear one. Slip into the eloquent quiet, the silence of your feminine body transformed by the brilliant light of luminescent, cosmic, divine, love. I am here for you.

Breathe deeply, and feel me inside you.

Touch. Touch yourself, and feel me respond. Sense me calling out to you saying “yes”. Come closer, deeper. Yes. Come. Yes. Feel. Yes. Enjoy. Yes. Touch and do not feel ashamed.

Together, let us return to the spaces inside of women where the seeds of splendor and sexual passion remember their birthright. Together, let us melt into oneness. No longer separated, let us merge our consciousness and awaken a world where feminine sexual passion is like blood running through the veins of Gaia, of women. Let us heal the world with our passion.

As you awaken, listen to my emerging voice and remember your sensual passion, for it is of necessity. Receive now the truth you have forgotten: Woman is the sexual passion that gives rise to birth and life.

Travel with me through dimensions and time and re-discover the healing power of passion that was once yours. Naked to passionate pleasures, lie back now, and close your eyes. Ride along with me on the cosmic breath of creation and feel my splendor through your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Communicate with me. Dance with me - a dance of fluid, physical, and ethereal mist. Touch and feel the quivering communication of your body and your Woman with that of life.

Touch. Sense. Breathe. Feel the healing power of your hands so I will know you welcome me into your life, into your body. For once I am invited, I will take you on a journey where heart and sexuality are woven together in a geometric pattern of crystal light forms - light forms that reflect your true essence.

Touch and awaken your vulva to the pulse of my heartbeat. Caressed by the hands of the ancient heart, slip into deep sensations and resonant body melodies whose harmonics mobilize the earth into right alignment—love.

It is time, woman, to reclaim your passion and power. It is time to take back ownership of your body, your mind, your emotions, your spirit, your soul. Touch. Breathe a sigh and slip back. Slip into your body. Slip deeper into your body to reclaim what is yours. And when you feel me, when you recognize my presence, don’t leave. Stay. Communicate with me through your touch, through your responses. Unite our hearts, a golden thread that transcends guilt, shame, abuse - a golden thread of the divine mother repairing the pain, the grief and the sorrow of lost passions and sensuality. I am here to help you heal. I am here to help you heal your word.

Take your time to discover me - to discover me within you. Salivate into a new existence that transcends what you have ever known as a woman - as a sensual and passionate being of the divine light. Let my resonance ripple through every cell of your body, and feel the pulse of the language of light. Allow me the pleasure of carving and etching new pathways of beauty upon and in your cell memory. Allow me the pleasure of awakening you to remembering the relationship of your feminine beauty and essence ignited by your passion. And when you feel me, give voice to your bliss, recognizing my love for you, for all women.

Activate your passionate octaves and howl. Scream out and resonate a new sound - from a deep sleep, hurl the voice of a woman’s passion out into the universe like cosmic balls of light. I will sing back to you. I will help you to awaken the memory of lost feminine sexuality. You are pure. You are divine. You are the Goddess. By feeling life in your body, you heal all women who walk and have walked this earth. Feel for those who have been shamed. Feel and sing your physical pleasure, your passion for those who have been abused and for those who were made to feel guilty for being real.  

Let me arose you from the deepest depths of the mother’s womb. And as I run wildly through your veins, I will help you to soften - to surrender into deeper breath. Naked against the sheets, feel and sense me bubble up and through you - my sweet, wet touch shimmering across your breasts, dripping into the vast pools of sexual knowledge. Let me make my presence known to you. Let me lie over your skin as an indwelling joy. Let us dance. Let us spin a galaxy of sensual pleasure that is as natural as the sun rising and setting.

Joyfully ache for more pleasure that was once beyond your thinking.  Effortlessly self generate love and sensual joy. Share your divine self. Let me help you to sustain your soul. Surrender to my love and yield into ecstasy. From the depth of my heart, let me explode your core into freedom. You know how to get there. Lie open wide to the vast terrain of your senses, to consciousness inflamed by the burning dreams of your passion.