The Importance of a Name

From time to time I comment about using the Nia name. Why? It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools Nia teachers have.

Over the years with the integration of technology into our lives names have become increasingly more important. As signposts, names have always been important for finding people, places and things. When it comes to running a business there’s a way to use “names” to achieve the visibility you hope for as the result of marketing actions. This gets me to the word marketing.

Marketing, which is considered one of the premier components of business management once stood for a way to promote a business or a product. These days it includes the product of lots of everyday people marketing their face, opinions, thoughts, and actions in their daily life. Add to this the motivation to get what is called “followers” and everyday people can put cash in their pocket, become an instant star, and quite possibly get their own featured Blog and TV Show.

According to Wikipedia “marketing” is the study and management of exchange relationships, and the business process of creating relationships with the focus on the customer, with the intent to satisfy customers, and to influence customers that your product is what they need and want. They should choose you over anything else. The real key to marketing success is in knowing your market, and the business you’re in and finding the right messaging to educate your customers. This is where the word “Nia” comes in and why I continue to ask Nia Teachers to include the name, Nia, when appropriate, in their technology posts and messages. The name Nia catches the attention of search engines and boosts you and the message, helping you and Nia, not to mention catching the attention of our market: people who want to move, look and feel better at any age or stage of life. Because marketing is the cornerstone of any business using the Nia name is critical to visibility, and to influencing customers to check us out, take a class, go to your studio, event, a Nia training, and/or, your upcoming Nia retreat.

Nia trainer Adelle Brewer had this to say about the Nia name:

"As I travel, teach and train around the world, interfacing with many different healing modalities, I continue seeing the need to awaken people to the name 'Nia.' Amazed at how many still ask the question, 'What is Nia?', there are numerous opportunities to get name recognition out without direct selling.

Our world is FULL of social media opportunities to advertise, share, express and connect. By branding our name when referring to all the offerings that we teach... Nia, Nia FreeDance, Nia FloorPlay, Nia 52 Moves, Nia MoveIt, Nia 5 Stages, Nia Moving to Heal... we have 7 opportunities to drop the name Nia into the vocabulary and awareness of the reader. In addition, we have the 'hashtag' world that offers us numerous possibilities to connect another way and drop in the name...  #niatv, #niatvfit, #niatechnique, #nianow, #niafreedance, #nia5stages, etc. I am amazed by how many people hit hashtags to see what it is all about, especially millennials!

As I interface with so many other modalities, I also see a rise in offerings that have generic names, floor play, and freedance are two of those. We must brand what we do! "Nia FloorPlay, Nia FreeDance, Nia 5 Stages," not only sets us apart from other generic offerings but it automagically also drops "Nia" into the conversation, no matter the format. Our words, both spoken and written, need to reflect the incredible healing opportunities that Nia offers to the world.

On another note... the pearls and inspiration from Nia 2nd Degree BB and Nia FloorPlay that have been coming into all of my classes... Nia, Nia FreeDance, Yoga, Transformational Breath... are even blowing my mind! The students are wowed! Today in my Nia FreeDance and Yoga classes? I'm dropping 'Home and Destination' into the focus of the Chakras. Thank you amazing Human BE-ing."

When it comes to including the name Nia and the Four P’s of Marketing: product, price, promotion, and place, think about this, about what Nia stands for and where you as a Nia student, teacher or trainer fit in and can help to share what we have come to love and use to live a healthy and meaningful life and for some, create a most wonderful livelihood.

  1. Product: when it comes to the Nia product since 1983 Nia has been tested and scrutinized by the media, and the health, wellness, and fitness industries, withstanding the test of time and changes natural to any industry, and Nia continues to make improvements that add value to people’s lives and the product. Nia not only gives people a safe workout, it also provides people access to Nia all over the world, and within the form, Nia gives people a way to express themselves and discover more about who they are, what they do, and what they desire, all of which science has proven is key to living a healthy, meaningful, and purposeful life. 
  2. Price: when it comes to price Nia neatly fits into the market and is comparable in price to most workout classes. Where we stand above is the training Nia teachers receive, and the value people receive that they never expected, like community, self-love, confidence, empowerment, a holistic movement lifestyle, and somatic body and life education.
  3. Promotion: when it comes to tools for promotion the Nia Business, Marketing, and Social Media Guide, and business forms and marketing templates designed to personalize such as brochures, ads, posters, tiles, postcards, and professional photos makes it easy to professionally promote you and Nia.
  4. Place: when it comes to place, where the Nia product and you are sold, made visible to customers, this includes your location, website, the NiaNow, and NiaTV sites, all of which feed each other’s success.


Whether it’s posting your name and what you are doing on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, by placing the Nia name before your name you help reach a broader audience and add to the (SEO) search engine optimization marketing. Include the name Nia along with your name whenever you’re involved doing anything Nia, as this one action is of the best ways you can get you and your name and work noticed!