The Nia Wave in Marin

One morning in early December, Deborah Walker and Sarah Caveney met for a cup of coffee in San Rafael to discuss their two studios, MoveMe Studio, and BodyVibe Studio, as they were both looking at renewing their respective leases in early 2019. What started off as a simple cup of coffee quickly developed into a brainstorm of ideas on how they could merge their passion for Nia as well as their studios and work together to spread the work of Nia in even bigger ways.

Deborah and Sarah are excited to announce that MoveMe Studio, a lovely boutique Nia fitness studio located in San Rafael and owned by licensed Nia Teacher, Pilates Instructor and Somatic Educator, Sarah Caveney, will be relocating to BodyVibe Studio which is owned by Deborah Walker, also a licensed Nia Teacher, Chair Yoga Teacher and Somatic Educator. As part of this move, Deborah and Sarah are joining their Nia communities and vision to revitalize, energize and expand the Nia community in Marin County, the birthplace of Nia!


The new collective Nia tribe will be called Nia Marin which will be housed at BodyVibe Studio, a 2700 square foot studio located in central San Rafael. Deborah and Sarah are excited to work collaboratively to share the gift of Nia in more ways with even more people! Nia Marin will offer Nia 7-days a week for a total of approximately 15 Nia classes weekly! They will offer Nia classes with a variety of teachers (ie: Deborah, Sarah, Tanja, Michelle, Cheryl and hopefully more!) so people can enjoy the style that resonates with them. They will also be creating a simple, unified class card system so students can easily participate in any Nia class with any teacher. 

In addition, they will be offering more Nia workshops, quarterly Intro to Nia workshops, Nia Master Classes and will host guest instructors from around the country to keep their Nia community vital and thriving! Plus regular visits from Co-Creator of Nia, Debbie Rosas.

You can learn more at!