Living in Sensation, Living in Your Body

A sensational body is one that exists consciously with the person who inhabits it. The body is a living, breathing, masterpiece; one that you create and sculpt each day. Step into your body as the unique work of fine art, that it is.

We live in our bodies but that doesn’t mean we are present to them. It is one thing to conceptualize the function of the body. It is another thing to embody it—to feel knowing from your body. What does it mean to truly get in your body?

In order to step into your body and be present in a way that puts you in control of creating a vibrant and healthy life, you’ve got to:

  1. Bring AWARENESS into your body and feel your body.
  2. BREATHE slowly and deeply to let your body transform the energy.
  3. CHOOSE the actions and behaviors that match your desired outcome.
  4. LEARN and LISTEN to master living in your body.

In Nia, our goal is to find sustainability in the body. To fully engage our body’s resources for sensation, movement, and pleasure, without causing harm through our actions. This is accomplished by following the Body’s Way. Which is to learn, appreciate and respect what your body tells you is true. It is the voice of the body, that allows you to feel all of life's sensations, both minute and grand.  

Be a sensation scientist and come home to your body. To be a sensation scientist means to live in constant awareness of sensation—to closely observe and respond to the information our bodies are sending us at all times. This allows us to develop a deep level of self-knowing, so we can continually grow and endlessly explore the human body—and the infinite movement potential it contains.

To be body literate is to be able to read the signals of your body—to fluently “speak” all four languages of its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. This may sound like a lot to process at once, but rest assured, you already have this ability within you. You were born a sensation scientist.

Learn from the voice of sensation, body sensations are all important cues that require your attention and your ability to take action. We have one body of ours. Take care of it. Respect it. Honor and love it.