Your Online Portal for Everything Nia

Fitness doesn't have to end when you leave the gym! Online workouts are one of the fastest growing segments of the fitness industry, with exercise apps and streaming programs steadily increasing in popularity. In fact, according to Flurry Insights, health and fitness app usage rose 62% in the first half of 2014, and it's growing at a rate 87% faster than that of other industries. In a 2015 study performed by researchers at the New York University School of Medicine, found that more than half of all smartphone users had downloaded a fitness or health app.

All this growth is incredibly positive—it provides health and fitness resources to the general public wherever they happen to be, after leaving the gym or without requiring access to one. We at Nia realize what an invaluable tool this is, making practicing Nia more accessible than ever. This is why we introduced NiaTV— your online portal for everything Nia.

With NiaTV you can practice Nia on your own, anywhere, anytime, on any device. By having the access to personal training at your fingertips, you can move better, feel better, and achieve your full potential with Nia fitness.

The benefits of NiaTV for you:

  • Login Anywhere. As long as you have access to NiaTV and a WiFi connection for streaming videos, you can workout wherever you are.
  • Exercise According to Your Schedule. Instead of being locked into a specific class schedule, online programs are offered at your convenience.
  • Reinforce the basics and what you learned in class. Remain inspired by the teachings you are learning in class even when you can’t make it to one.
  • Build on your confidence. There is a level of assurance that comes from knowing the routines inside and out from practicing at home―a fearlessness that you will bring with you to class.
  • Increased energy and enthusiasm for Nia. Establishes a way to enhance your fitness, health, power and beauty journeys from the comfort of home.


By having access to the magic of Nia through at-home dance workouts, podcasts, meditations and exclusive live streams, you will gain a fuller, more enriching body and mind fitness experience which you will bring with you to your classes. Your wellness journey into health begins and ends in the classroom but it can be honed and perfected at-home. You can’t attend a Nia class 24/7, so NiaTV can be a useful supplement to help you meet all your Nia goals and needs.

How to get NiaTV:

If you are a Nia Teacher Member, it is included in your membership! It’s an excellent tool for teaching and cementing routines that you can use anywhere, anytime. Get expanded teacher features, choreography insights, extra chapters and build a stronger tie to your students, even when they can’t make it to class.

If you don’t already have access to NiaTV you can sign up for a free 15-day trial and check out our three plan options here,

Remember to always listen to your body and move your way!