About the Art of Sensation: White Belt Body and Life Training

If you’re like most people you have a life, a job, a career, hobby, friends, a workout and even a health plan, but you have no body and life plan, which could be why you’re looking for something to fill the feeling of unrest and dissatisfied with the status quo. You know there’s more and you want it.

What if I told you there was a body and a life program that at any age you could learn and use to help keep your body and life healthy? A program that keeps your mind and brain growing and becoming more aware, focused, and clear. One that deeply connects your unique spirit to your soul, and to meaning and purpose. Would you say, “yes” to this plan? If so, Nia’s Art of Sensation, White Belt - Body and Life Training is for you.

The focus of the first level of training is on you and your body. The intent is to help you build a healthy and meaningful relationship with your body and life and support “learning” through the body, therefore you are encouraged to take as few written notes as possible, and when you do, to document personal insights.

We have designed a special book called The Art of Sensation - White Belt Learn Book. This book helps you learn the basics needed to begin your Nia practice. In it you’ll find all of the basic information: the first thirteen white belt principles. Once you register you will receive the digital download of this book. You can also purchase a hard copy of this book through the Nia Store on nianow.com. We encourage you to bring this book with you to your training. Inside are marked, “My Alchemy” blank pages that provide space for personal notes.

If you’re concerned you may not be able to keep up, relax. The days and lessons are designed in a way that gives you time to listen and physically explore the information using sensation to decode each lesson and gain personal knowledge, understanding, and skills.

We know everyone receives information differently. Some people are visual, mental learners, while others are physical, and/or auditory learners. Nia training combines all styles of learning and we don’t ask you to memorize anything. All we ask is that you place your attention on learning by becoming curious, inquisitive and fascinated about you, your body, and about exploring the information shared. In this way, once you return home, we know you can successfully continue learning, and for those who desire to teach, you can successfully begin the process of becoming a Nia teacher through the content we provide on NiaTV.fit

No matter what your age and/or state of health and well-being, Nia trainings provide fitness, health, therapeutic, and wellness education. And for those wishing to teach Nia, after the initial training, your education will continue when you sign up as a Nia Teacher Member. This membership gives you everything you need to begin the process of becoming a Nia Teacher. It includes the self-guided First Time Nia Teacher Kit and Tutorial Program.

No matter who trains you, rest assured every Nia trainer on the Nia Training Faculty brings unique talents and skills. Each one has been educated for over a minimum of seven years in the Nia Technique concepts and methods and has studied the body’s way: Nia’s unique approach to anatomy; the body’s form and function. Additionally, they have studied the science, craft and art of Nia as a sensation science, music and its therapeutic and conditioning application, Nia movement for self-healing and conditioning benefits, and philosophy, beliefs and attitudes as they relate to living a healthy and meaningful life in a body at any age, and in any state of health and well being.

You can find Nia “Art of Sensation” White Belt - Body + Life Training and a White Belt Trainer and unique Schedule to fit your needs by going to https://nianow.com/white-belt

For over 35 years Nia’s workouts, the practice, lifestyle, and training have been changing people’s bodies and lives. Over 2400 teachers, in 41 countries, teach to populations with diverse needs, ranging from fit to those more challenged, aging, and even those needing to workout in a chair.

Whether you’re a student who desires to go deeper into the Nia practice or an aspiring Nia Professional, Nia Art of Sensation – White Belt is where everyone begins. Upon successful completion of this training, you are eligible to become a Nia Teacher Member, receiving the additional training and license needed to teach Nia and represent yourself as a Nia Professional.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey of self-discovery by exploring the art of sensation.