Nia Teacher Story — Tyann Hermes

Transforming a Vehicle Filling Station into a Filling Station for the Body and Soul

Troy, MT, is a small town of about 1,000 people, where there are no stoplights and only one main general store. It’s the town Nia teacher, Tyann Hermes, grew up in and where she transformed an abandoned gas station into a thriving community dance studio.

Hermes found Nia in 2010 after dealing with a series of psychological stressors. Thankfully she consulted a psychologist who recommended Nia and yoga as a means of healing. During her first white belt training, Hermes recalls the moment her spirit felt lifted and she was beginning to regain control over her body, mind, and life. 

“I was in a very dark and heavy place during my first belt. I remember a moment during the song “Things You Don’t Have to Do” when some piece of my spirit broke the walls I’d created inside and gave me a spark of faith and hope and I think I even smiled. The magic of Nia, when joy seeps from the inside, a moment of recognition of myself, the essence of what it means to be alive and this is why I practice and teach Nia.”

The closest Nia class to Hermes was 66 miles away in Sandpoint, ID — which took her an hour and fifteen minutes to drive to, one way, once a week. The commute was becoming a burden on Hermes but she was determined to continue the practice which had become her holistic medicine. Hermes had driven past the abandoned gas station, in the center of town, thousands of times when one day she got the idea to renovate it and turn it into a place where she could share her love and enthusiasm for wellness with her community. Hermes spent three years transforming the old rundown building into Shakti Soul Yoga Studio — a beautiful representation of the love and heart she has for her community.

“What used to be a filling station for the vehicle is now a filling station for the vehicle of my body, my soul and every soul who walks into this space!”

Hermes was honored as Montana Ambassador’s 2015 Entrepreneur of the year in March 2016 in Great Falls. She was nominated by community members, for the work and volunteer hours she has put into the community.

“Receiving and giving as a teacher in my community has healed and is continually healing me and supporting me, there is magic happening in Troy, Montana. My white belt life philosophy in 2010 was ‘anything is possible’ last March 2017 with Britta at Shakti Soul it was still this but an added piece to ‘align and pulse hearts, healing and creating connection on a soul level’ my bones are hearing and holding on a new level and I am breaking through and speaking my truth.”

Hermes thanks Nia for the help it has given her over the last 8 years. Her Nia journey helped get her over a divorce in 2012, helped her to “break down and dissolve the walls inside herself, and has opened a doorway for her spirit to guide her through life.”

At a white belt training, Hermes remembers a fond moment when Nia Technique co-creator, Debbie Rosas approached her, placed her hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eyes and said, "I want you to know I see you" and gave her a hug.

“It was a jolt of divine awakening shooting thru me, cause in that moment I was in great need of a connection to something beyond myself... as I had only just begun my conscious journey of healing. My voice, my confidence and my authentic truth [was] slowly finding its power.”

Hermes recommends Nia to anyone who wants to take part in a whole body holistic approach to wellness, one that teaches you to be present in your body and experience life’s joy through movement.

“Move your body to embrace your life. There is a piece of magic for everyone in a Nia class. Come dance and find what draws you in, what makes your body smile.”

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