Thrive — Take a Dance Break

Manage Your Daily Actions And Feelings With Movement And You Can Thrive!
Dancing Through Your Life means turning every move you make into something that feels like a dance and it means being responsible to bring dance into your life as the medicine you use to stay happy, calm, relaxed, and healthy—centered in your life. By taking as little as sixty seconds throughout the day to create moments of full-blown unscripted dance breaks you can benefit from the medicine of movement. The importance of dancing is that you’re wired to move. Movement is the body’s medicine that strengthens and heals. It develops the brain and the body and the best news of all, it is completely organic and natural.

Discover Your Dance
Every body can dance. Think of dance as moving in your own way and in your own time, as something you do to keep your body, mind, emotions, and spirit alert, agile, strong, flexible, mobile, stable and feeling younger. Whether it’s dealing with depression, self-esteem, stress, weight loss or anxiety, brief bursts of dance act like time released capsules of pleasure to make you instantly feel and look better.

How I Do It
I stay connected to the sensation of peace in my body and when tensions arise, if my breath becomes shallow, if my jaw or hands get tight or if my mind gets in the way of me experiencing my life as joyful, I take a Nia dance break. No matter where I am, I get up and dance full out. I dance for at least sixty seconds, and if I have access to music, I put on my favorite tune and let rip for the entire song. I take every opportunity to use my dancing as medicine!

To Get The Most Out Of Your Dance Break—

  • Don’t think, just move. Tap into the power of preverbal communication and speak what you feel through your dance using every part of your body, even your voice.
  • Affirm the changes you feel after dancing by letting the body know you have received the medicine and gifts of moving by saying, “Thank you body I feel (speak out loud what you notice has shifted)”.
  • Invite others to take dance breaks with you and consciously dance to shift energy in and around you!