10 Kata Steps to Gain Personal Power

Every part of your life can become a rich canvas for developing personal growth and lifestyle change. Each day, we are presented with very unique opportunities to engage in our own personal growth and development. This powerful set of Katas will help you focus on gaining personal power. Use one or all of them to guide you. All acts of living your life have power, especially when you know it!

1) The basis of any relationship is the exchange of energy.

2) Affect the outcome of events by the force of awareness and your unbending intent.

3) Have the clarity to formulate your intentions and the power to actualize those intentions.

4) Hunt for power in the unknown.

5) Everything in the warrior’s world depends on personal power and power depends on impeccability.

6) Impeccability is to overcome habits, not wasting power on trivial pursuits such as establishing one’s own importance or avoiding one’s own weakness.

7) View the world as a fluid mystery rather than a solid fact.

8) Get beyond internal dialogue, judgment, and personal history.

9) Stop describing the world through continuous internal dialogue that fixes reality in customary patterns of possibility.

10) Shift perceptions in ways that allow non-ordinary things to occur.

These statements have been the foundation of my quest for a different way of perceiving reality. The magic of movement has somehow always provided me a way to help me experience these ideas. I have a sensation attached to each one and many of them are now in my being.

Experience and enjoy!