The Body Electric

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul - Plato

My relationship with music has always been a whole, physical, and energy body experience. It began in sixth grade playing the flute in the orchestra and in the marching band. I loved sensing sound moving through and around me. As a senior in high school, my sister gave my parents our first ever stereo making it possible to shift from 45s to 12-inch.

When I began my career in fitness, music became an even more important part of my life. Soon after, I was invited to participate in an event in Los Angeles with Steven Halpern, author of many books on sound healing. Also I met the musician Ray Lynch, and for the first time used a very different kind of music to workout. The CD was called Deep Breakfast. It was one of the first electronic CDs made. He made it in his kitchen. All of these events combined altered my relationship with music and directed me to workout to rhythm, melody, and harmony. It also inspired me to move to get fit and also heal by using music as a resonant tool to achieve conditioning and healing. This is why in the world of fitness, NiaSounds music is so unique. One of my favorite NiaSounds CDs is called Amethyst.