Lighting the Way Through Change

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward. ~ C.S. Lewis

Letting go of past history promotes spiritual, professional, physical, mental, and emotional growth. The continuing process of emptying the teacup frees up energy that can help you to welcome the unknown. As you move into new states of being you will be carried forward into new beginnings. Any kind of change and growth can be slow or fast, and accelerated along at a speed that makes you feel in or out of control. Filled with duality, when you go through changes, you may experience two very contrasting sensations, emotions, and desires. These contrasts are in direct relationship to the consciousness shift you are experiencing. Prepare for these ongoing changes and shifts by practicing these personal growth tips.

Truth and Honesty
For every action you take, for every word you speak, ask yourself if you are being spiritually honest with yourself and those around you. One of the most important aspects during the process of change is to create a firm foundation with new support structures. Truth and honesty are even more important as you open up the expanded sense of psychic and intuitive energies. You can feel what is true, and confusion can exist if old words and actions do not honestly match your new feelings of truth.

Love and Compassion
With yourself and with others, hold within you the resonance of love and compassion. When in the midst of change and when you feel whirled out into new territory, into the unknown, carry in your heart love, and hold in your mind compassion. As fears arise, as uncertainty and unknowing about the future are present, be in love and in compassionate resonance for all things. Love soothes the child. Compassion empowers human and spiritual growth. These two elementals, love and compassion, help to nurture you and those around you.

Ground and Center
Doing specific exercises everyday will help to facilitate a sense of peace and calm. Daily, stand and imagine a ball of golden light floating within your pelvis, a silver cord extending down from your first chakra. Physically and energetically this may feel like a third leg. Imagine this cord extending deep into Mother Earth. Breathe fully, dropping this grounding cord into the Earth. Once you have grounded, center up by imagining your head floating inside a matrix of electrical energy that looks like the shape of the Star of David. Use this grounding down and centering up exercise to regain balance and peace.

Open and Protect
Often a response in the midst of change is to tighten down, to contract inward. As consciousness shifts, energy changes open up and expand into choices, possibilities and loving attitudes. By opening up to new energies you will be able to enter new spaces that allow continued growth and ongoing transformation. To protect you, consciously ask all energies that are disruptive to leave. Be in light and love and compassion and peace.


When regret and shame fades away, beauty will be in your heart to forever stay. ~ Imania Margria