The Sacred Dance of Nia Sounding

Nothing brings us closer to the sensation of sacred than making sound, toning, and singing to the universe.

“Sounding” is Nia’s approach to using the voice for fitness, well-being and health benefits. It is a way of sonically and energetically helping to empty and clear the mind, cleanse the emotional body, and strengthen the physical body.

When I discovered what the word sacred meant “dedicated to a single use, person, and/or purpose,” I understood how integrating my voice while dancing had the power to shift my experience of Nia from something ordinary into something extraordinary. Simply put, when I make sound I connect to the sacred world of energy where there is no separation and where I am one with all that is.

When you dance and make sound you stimulate sympathetic vibrations in your body. This helps you to stop thinking and start feeling and sensing. Add sound to your Nia movement and you will begin to sense more than a dancing body. You will sense your spirit connected to the divine of the universe, deeply connected to the sacred dance of body, breath, and human sound.