Sensing Your Strength

Strength in your muscles is sensed as energy moving inward. It is the physical feeling of containing and sustaining power. Strength is nurtured by opening and closing joints, and by balancing the action between stability (non-moving bones and joints) and mobility (moving bones and joints). It is maintained between the action of your muscles working in harmony with your bones and joints (dynamic ease). Strength is also sensed as a squeezing in or the packing of energy against the bones. The alignment of bones and joints gives you the stability you need to gain strength. Strength is a vibration you can physically recognize as positive tension or energy of a resisting or weighted quality being moved in ways where you can sustain a posture. It is the sensation of the voices of specific muscle groups saying, “I’m getting stronger. I feel powerful.”


Strength feels like a warm power moving along the bone. It contracts the belly of a muscle without pulling more in one direction than the other, causing either your muscle or joints to say, “Stop. I’m out of balance.” Dynamic strength, the perfect action between contraction and release, relaxes the body; it never tenses the body. The physical sensations of losing strength are quivering, pain, and fatigue. The physical signs you are losing strength are a diminishment in balance, grace, speed, coordination, and in your body’s ability to remain strong yet relaxed. The benefit of sensing strength is in knowing you have the body-mind ability to consciously engage and use specific muscles to achieve a desired result.