A Three Step Sensory Kata

Moving energy is one of the best things you can do for your body. Use this sensitizing Kata to stimulate your body and its energy. The benefit of adding all of these three elements into your life is the increased stability that will allow you to work more effectively through three planes and different levels.

Touch - Sensitivity to Your Whole Body
Begin your Kata by moving with the element of fire, by shaking and vibrating, aligning your breath to support the movement of the resonance. Start slowly and build up to feel expansiveness of you, your body, mind, spirit, and energy field. You want to feel the energy moving into and through every cell of your body. Continue to breathe, focusing on the exhale to help you ground and create internal support. Over time, notice how your ability to immediately resonate and breathe deeply improves!

Sense - Sensitivity to Your Joints
Next, begin to move more freely, in an unbound and flowing way, connecting to the element of water. Internalize the feeling of liquid pulsing through and around you. Feel your body weight shift as you transfer weight, water flowing, and your movement flowing. Maintain a circular, uninterrupted breath of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Effortlessly continue flowing into greater states of calm and peace.

Center - Sensitivity to the Center of All Centers
Now, connecting to the element of wind, slowly lower yourself into a sitting position where your spine is open and elongated in a way that supports the continuation of your expanded circular breathing. Comfortably draw your chin slightly in, to open the back of your neck, and to align your crown chakra with heaven. Continue a circular breath and feel the wind energy moving through your body, settling into new places of power and bliss.