The Power of "IT"

If I’ve learned anything from all my years teaching Nia, it’s the power of “IT”. The “IT” is the thing that deeply ties you to wanting, to what you love, desire, and feel is meaningful and important. The “IT” keeps you coming back to a relationship, a class, a product, a choice - to anything. The “IT” is the thing you feel you have to have, and in my opinion, knowing that “IT” keeps you healthy and well is key to a happy body and life. What is the “IT” that keeps you dancing Nia? Is it self-love, fitness, mobility, clarity? My Nia “IT” is the thing I get from dancing in joy and seeking pleasure. I dance Nia because what I learn on the dance floor keeps me getting the “IT” I want: living an intelligent, purposeful, healthy and meaningful life in my body guided by love.

Take some time and answer what is the “IT” that keeps you coming back to:

1. Nia
2. Your primary relationship

Have fun exploring what is purposeful and meaningful to you!