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Oshun Routine

Oshun Routine

Oshun Routine

Choreographer: Debbie Rosas
Release Date: July, 2008
Focus and Intent: The focus of this routine is “Steps and Stances.” The Intent is to connect to these two complimentary ways of moving to condition the nervous system.

Oshun is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on Steps and Stances. “Steps” mean one foot is always leaving the ground and “Stances” mean you stop and stay in place. Stepping is non-stop movement, using mobility for heart and whole body conditioning. Stances are rooted in stillness, felt as waiting and sensed as the energy of stability. This supports the body’s principle: The Body’s Way Demands Simultaneous Mobility and Stability. This lesson reminds us that moving and stopping are vital to the conditioning of the nervous system.

Oshun NiaSounds "Oshun is a journey into precision, power, and grace. Seductive in nature, the experience solicits a play with time, motion, and stillness, slow and fast, rhythm and harmony. Listening or moving provides stimulation to the nervous system like never before. Awaken to feminine and masculine energies and step into a journey for the Warrior and Dancer within.. " Featuring music by: Illumine, Tosca, Shakatura, Makyo, Ian Pooley, Isaac, Afterlife, and Tim Story.

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