Pulse Sensation

There’s no question, the Body’s Way, which is Nia’s way is what keeps the work of Nia and Nia teaching on the right track. Squeeze-release is part of what we call Nia language. The main idea with Nia language is to find specific words that educate and enhance the physical experience of healthy sensation. Squeeze-release is language that speaks to the healthy stimulation needed to keep muscles, soft tissues and body fluids moving. I first became interested in the healthy sensation of squeeze-release while researching supportive treatments for healing from breast cancer. I later experienced it after surgery when I awoke to the sensation of squeeze-release, stimulated from rubber-like sleeves filled with air banded around my calves creating leg compression. Everything about Nia teaches awareness of healthy squeeze-release. New to mainstream fitness is what they are calling a game changing way to heal: pulse recovery that increases blood flow and supports healing and recovery more quickly. One such product is made by NormaTech industries https://www.normatecrecovery.com/shop/pulse-system/. Quite expensive, there are more affordable products and ways to receive squeeze-release benefits. The key is through pulsing, which is the Body’s Way and why we say, “through movement we find health” and how create pleasurable squeeze-release sensations.