Health : The Science of Floating

As a child growing up in a time when free love and mind-body-spirit were emerging, floating was something we did in Marin County, California. I am reminded of my first experience in salt water-filled deprivation floating tanks. Relaxation, tension busting, body-mind calming at its best! It was all a part of my research to discover the true sensation of “relaxed” and “body pleasure”. I'm reminded again how transitions in the health industry are proven by history. Floating has now become popular among many stars. They do it to relax and turn off thought processes in order to reduce stress and anxiety. They slip into sensory deprivation tanks of 11 inches of highly salted water and float. One can even become an experienced floater. Who knew! Effortless, I can tell you I always came away deeply relaxed and sensing my spine longer. Many tout floating as a great reducer of blood pressure, stress, even depression. While science wants more research data and continues to study floating via neuroscience, the hope is it will help with PTSD and hypertension. It’s not risky and the downside is only if you use this as your only therapy. As with all things, use a variety of resources as complementary treatments. Most of all, move everyday and if you think you don’t have time to workout, think again. Research shows just one-minute of moving to your limit can hold great benefits! Love, Debbie