Everyone Needs Moving to Heal: A letter from Debbie

Portland, Oregon, is fully into the swing of fall. The sunny, cool days help me appreciate the transition into a new weather season and a new season of projects. I love diving into new projects. I’m working on one now. It’s called TAP: The Awakening Project. More details coming soon but first, let me tell you what’s in my heart at this moment.

I am on an airplane going home. I have just completed a Moving to Heal training in Dallas, Texas, produced by Nia Trainer Jule Aguirre. Going home, coming home, living in your home (your body) is what Moving to Heal is about. Personally, this is what Nia has always been about to me: self-healing and conditioning. Doing things in preparation to live well and die well, no matter what life gives you.

In my heart, Nia has always been a Moving to Heal class. Why do I say this? I believe everybody has something to self-heal. Not everyone is drawn to the same thing, though. This is why in Nia we have different programs for different experiences. Everyone gravitates to things they love and can relate to.

Some people will like the classic Nia class. Others will gravitate to Nia MOVE IT, the more athletic, interval-conditioning class. Some will love the Nia 5 Stages of Self-healing class, 60-minutes of moving slowly on the floor. Still, others will gravitate to Nia FreeDance, a conscious dance experience. With so many choices and only so much time, what’s a body to do? Do what you love and do what heals and conditions you.

Having created all of the Nia programs, taught them and trained others to teach them, I can tell you this - everybody does what they do for this reason: to feel better, move better, look better and perform in their life better. Do you get it? Everything you do can be dedicated to your body surviving. Everything you do can be dedicated to self-healing. This is what your body does every second of the day - heals you and seeks to sustain homeostasis, balance.

If you’re hungry to experience a sensory taste of each of these Nia programs, consider joining me in the birthplace of Nia, Marin County, California, October 22nd for The Taste of Nia. In one day, you’ll experience classic Nia, MOVE IT, 5 Stages, 52 Moves, FreeDance and AURA, my latest routine. The best part of this event is I get to support one of my earliest Nia teachers, Deborah Walker (she taught in my first fitness company, the Bod Squad in 1978). She is hosting me in her new studio, BodyVibe Studio, a lifelong dream of hers.

You’ll also get a sneak preview into my newest project, TAP: The Awakening Project. Inspired by an art project I saw as a young girl, The Birth Project, I heard a voice telling me I would share an important message with the world. I have spent my life sharing the message of Nia and thought I had answered the call, the voice. I did and there’s more - TAP.

By: Debbie Rosas, Nia Creator + Founder