Reflecting on the White Belt

It is the weekend after the White Belt training that I co-facilitated with Laurie Bass in Portland, Oregon. The weekend after any training is my time to sit, feel, sense and recapitulate the past week. I reflect and learn more about myself, Nia and the people who attended with a desire to gain something personal from Nia. They got it and so did I. I always do. I know my purpose, my path and I’m on it. I know what it means to share this amazing work and to be touched by it again and again and again. Wow!

When it comes to a Nia training I pride myself on creating a secure, rich and inspiring environment, a space for people to move and explore the body, their body and Nia. It is a place to experience a whole new way of learning, where growth and self-knowledge come in response to following pleasure and joy, not from pain and effort. This is my way, Nia’s way and the body’s way. With each training, I am given the gift of magic. It’s the magic that keeps me inspired and motivated to continue looking, asking questions and seeking answers to make Nia even better. It is the magic that keeps me motivated to build the Nia community: people who are in service to body, mind, emotion and spirit.

I am reminded of the privilege I have to work with people who care about and want something better for their bodies, to do what I love as my work and be supported by people who believe in me and love me. I feel a huge responsibility to do well each time I step into a training, class, the office, write a newsletter or speak about Nia. The greatest responsibility I have to myself, to Nia and to the people who come is: to step into my greatness, my power, beauty, gifts and wisdom. I feel proud when I am able to do this, even in the midst of my fear and insecurity. I did this all last week at the White Belt, and Laurie Bass stood tall and firm next to me, never a quiver or a doubt. She grew and so did I. Thank you, Laurie.

Today, I sense a new kind of fitness, power, beauty and grace in myself. It came from learning and growing together, working in cooperation with others. And it came from letting go of thinking what to do, letting go of my personal agenda and sensing to know what to do. Within the folds of sensing, I felt my power and was able to harmonize, use it, direct it and share it, being of service to myself, Nia, Laurie and everyone in the White Belt training. We all changed our brains by the experiences we shared. Good experiences create brain development and express our human genetic potential.

The best use of anyone’s body, life force, time and consciousness is spent refining the relationship we have with our body. This is Nia. Refining our ability to listen to our body speak and refining how we function in our body and with the body is the Nia training.

Thank you for supporting me and Nia, and for encouraging me. I will always encourage you to step into your greatness, into your bigger, better and best!

By: Debbie Rosas, Nia Creator & Founder