Discovering Me

A Poem by Julie "Jewels" Smoot

"My past does not define who I am
What has happened in my past does
Not define me.
It has made me who I am today
And leads me on a path to become a
A Warrior that is taking her life back
And finding her way back to herself.
I am reinventing who I am.
I am compassionate, loving, understanding,
Caring, a good listener, can read people
And am there for others to show them the
Way back to themselves.
It is a one day at a time process.
I am not defined by what they took away
From me.
Instead, I am becoming more powerful
Coming home to my body,
Able to feel,
Taking care of myself,
Reaching a hand out for help
And helping others.
I am transforming and starting to
Live the life that I have wanted to live.
I am a peaceful Warrior that is finding
Her way home to herself."