FloorPlay Training Debuts in Germany!

By: Debbie Rosas

Last week I completed the first two-day FloorPlay Training in Hamburg, Germany, with 40+ Nia teachers who were hungry for knowledge! Ann Christiansen co-trained with me and it was set at the most glorious dojo with a white floor, the perfect place for playing with gravity, space, time, and the body on the floor. As this was the first FloorPlay training, it gave me the opportunity to create and build on the foundation of my current knowledge. I love this.

Through playing on the floor I have discovered an intelligence that I lost, once I began to walk as a small child. Going back to the floor, where we learn about our body and life, I was able to share with great simplicity, the methods, tools and techniques for healing and conditioning.

The feedback from the students regarding the healing and natural conditioning results was excellent. When the brain is given something to do, when the body is given a posture, and the direction is to play to feel better, you feel good, guided by two power houses: attention and pleasure. The result is the body's personal intelligence is revealed.

In Floorplay, I hear my body speak to me every time I revisit my first playground: the floor. This ancient and wise voice says,

“I offer you a journey back in time, to when you made your first connection with the Earth, with your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Allow me to connect you to safety, found in the arms of gravity. Slip into my spaces and choose comfort. Play and connect with your grand teachers: your body and the Universe. Let me gently coax you into exploring with curiosity and fascination, the world around you. Listen to my guidance that says, ‘Move, move, and move again.’ I will take you into self-knowing, where in your own time, in your own way, you will move with greater skill and from the heart”.

I am so pleased with the end result of this work. It can only get better. I love my body! I love my life! I love Nia!

Photo by Ann Christiansen